Activities to do at Home with Children

It is hard to keep the children busy. So I am always looking for activities to do at home with children I have 2 boys who don’t like craft activities or drawing much. And I am not keen on spending money for activities every weekend. If I take them to the animal farm, they are too busy playing on the playground to look at the animals. 

We are lucky to have a bush walk of about 2km on the estate we live in. We do this at least once a week. It is great exercise and the bush is forever changing. As we walk we play I Spy with My Little Eye with colours. 

Play is the most important part of a child’s development and this is done through different activities at home.

Children learn through play. It teaches literacy, gives them space, and teaches choices, communication and so much more. Even buttons can be a learning tool – stack, colours, counting and so on. A child playing is also a learning phase for adults. It teaches us, to be more patient and understanding. And it teaches an adult to play again. And it is fun! 

Here are some activities to do at home. You can involve the whole family.

  • Hide and seek – great fun when they are little and jump out saying boo.
  • Cushion House/Fort Building – Take the cushions and some blankets and build fort/houses in the living room. See how far your imagination can take you. PS pegs are very useful here.
  • Bake Cookies – the boys are getting a bit more excited about just baking cookies. Choc chip ones are the favourite and easy. They taste so good, slightly warm out of the oven.
  • Paper Aeroplanes – fly paper airplanes. Use recycled paper to make and decorate the plans and see who can go further.
  • Picnic in the back garden. A firm favourite in the summer or winter when the sun is out. And you don’t have to clean up all the crumbs.
  • Treasure hunt – Take small balls/Duplo etc. and hide them in the garden and hunt for them.
  • Lie on your back and see pictures in the clouds.
  • Read read read.
  • Obstacle course – amazing what you can use to create an obstacle course. Balls/chairs/blankets etc.
  • Race cars – my boys always loved this when they were younger – who can win the race. I have spent hours doing this.
  • Drawing inside a box – especially when they are very young. To draw inside a box is fun all the different corners and they can climb inside the box.
  • Box building – use all your boxes from the kitchen and let their imaginations run wild with building a town.

What ideas have you tried at home? There are so many and they are ways to spend time with the children.

I have a written a few blogs regarding Activities to do at Home with Children. See here about making Moon Sand.

Children value your time not money and what you spend on them.