Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

How do I know if my Baltic Amber Necklace is Real?


So you decided to buy your little one a Baltic Amber Necklace for teething. But everyone says be careful there are false Baltic Amber Necklaces on the market. But how do you know if it is real or not?

True Baltic Amber Necklaces have knots between each bead and a breakaway clasp, where if undue pressure is placed on the clasp, it breaks apart.

There are a few home tests you can do to find out if your necklace is genuine or not.

  1. The Baltic Amber will float in water. The plastic or glass beads will sink. Mix 1 part fine salt to 2 parts water. The Baltic Amber will float while the plastic or glass one will sink.
  2. Look at the shape of each bead. The plastic or glass beads will be perfectly round and the same shape and/or size. The beads of genuine Baltic Amber are not perfectly round. Each bead is slightly different in size and shape. There may be imperfections in the amber with air bubbles/insects etc.
  3. Baltic Amber will be warm to touch unlike the fake ones which will be cold
  4. Be careful with this test. Use a hot needle to push into the bead. The needle will only slightly go into Baltic Amber and may leave a crack. A hot needle placed on a glass bead will go in with no problems.
  5. The scratch test. Baltic Amber is soft, so if it is genuine, it will scratch easily. Glass will not scratch.
  6. Rubbing test is where you rub the Baltic Amber between your fingers and it should give off a pine like smell. If not it in not genuine. This is more difficult as not everyone knows what the pine smell is.
  7. There are other more scientific ways to determine if the Amber is false or not. But not easy to do at home.

Have you carried out these tests at home? If so what where your results? I did try the salt water test on my little boys necklace (same brand as I sell) and they did float in salt water.

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