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Bread in the Oven

Bread in the Oven

Let’s talk about bread.

Everyone loves bread. Even if you are gluten free, you love bread.

Some fun facts about bread…

  • Research say 97% of all food stalls and café have bread available so it is accessible to all South Africans
  • SA people consume on average 62 loaves of bread each a year
  • Bread baking came to the Cape in 17th century with the Dutch Settlers
  • Bread is one of the most common foods brought by South Africans
  • “Since 2003, most breads have been fortified with a number of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, iron and zinc, which are important from a public health perspective”


One of the bad aspects of bread is salt. Salt is needed in bread. Firstly salt slows down the raising process in bread so the gluten is given extra time to strengthen. And salt adds flavour to the bread.

But now days manufactures put so much salt in bread to make it last longer. Good news is SA Legislation has restricted the amount of salt added to bread. As it was found that SA people consume more salt then the WHO stipulates (5g a day).


For a few years now, I have made bread at home for my family. They enjoy the homemade bread, and there are less additives and perversities in my bread.

It is quick and easy and no kneading is needed. The loaf takes less than 10 mins to throw together and then raising and baking time.


Here goes:

 600g Nutty Wheat Flour/Stone ground Brown/ Whole-wheat Flour

2 g salt

1 Packed dry yeast

40g mixed seeds (flax/sunflower/sesame/pumpkin seeds etc.)

500ml Hot water (not boiling)(the nutty wheat flour takes more water than the Stone Ground Flour)

15ml Honey

15ml coconut/sunflower oil

Mix the dry ingredients together

Take the hot water add the oil and honey. Add this mixture to the dry ingredients. Mix

Add to greased bread tin. Leave to rise. In summer it is quicker than in winter. 20-35 min

Place in the oven 180c for about 45 min.

When ready take bread out of the oven, and check by knocking on bottom of the bread. If there is a hollow knock, it is ready. If not put it back in for longer.

Wrap in a cloth to cool down.

This recipe is freezer safe so make a few loaves for the week.

So quick and oh so easy! Let me know how it turns out.

Bread in the Oven

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