Melissa and Doug Water Wow!

I have  5.5  and 3.5 year old boys. As you can imagine things can get messy. The older one used to put everything in his mouth. Trying to draw with him or paint was a nightmare. He used to try to eat the crayons and play dough. One of the reasons I started making my own playdough. Once, I brought them paint  and they painted on the outside walls with it. It was stressful.

The oldest boy was given a Melissa and Doug Water Wow! when he was only one. At that age he didn’t want to know about the book. But now he loves them. He tells me he is doing his ‘very important work’.  

I got more use out of it as I found it quite therapeutic to do. 

What are the Melissa and Doug Water Wow Books?

  • There are so many themes around these books e.g. Water Wow Vehicles, Water Wow Animals etc.
  • The books are 4 reusable pages. Yes, reusable. The pages dry and you can colour again and again
  • There are search and find activities for each page
  • The chunky water pen is refillable
  • No colouring pens on the couch/table/floor
  • Mesmerizing pictures
  • Perfect for travelling
  • The book said for 3 years up. My little boy was using them way before that.

How do Water Wow! Work?

The basic concept is a thick cardboard page with a very thin layer of durable like laminate paper which when water is placed on the paper it becomes see-through. And the graphics are lovely.

Melissa and Doug Water Wow Animals
Melissa and Doug Water Wow Fairy Tales

These books are perfect to use on the car or planes while traveling. 

I have had a few of these books and recently brought the boys two new ones. The Water Wow Vehicle and Water Wow Space. I think the graphics have become better and when coloured on, the pictures are absolutely beautiful. 

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with small children. No mess, no fuse to use.

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Water Wow Space

So many colours and graphics come through after colouring with water.

Water Wow Vehicles

Pages drying after colouring with water