Moon Sand Sensory Play

Moon Sand


Easy Moon Sand Recipe

Moon sand is named as its crumbly and looks like the texture on the surface of the moon. The sand can be moulded when compressed and it is a great open ended sensory ‘toy’ for children.

All experts say that sensory play is a must for little ones. From when they are born taggies are used to give comfort, silicone dummy clips are chewable with fun shapes and the list goes on.

Yes this is great and you search Pinterest to find amazing pictures, then look at the recipes and then have to make shopping lists to get all the ingredients and then I lose interest.


But I tried this Moon Sand recipe during Lockdown and it worked well. Kept the boys busy for a bit. This is a great way to use up all that baby oil you where gifted at your baby shower.


Moon Sand

2 Cups Flour

¼ Cup Baby Oil

And mix. Easy. I just stored it in a plastic container out of site and  out of reach. You never know what they will think of to get their hands on it and pour the sand all over the house.


Throw in some plastic containers and you have an amazing sensory aid.

I used beach toy moulds as I had them for when we go to the beach.



  • Add some essential oils to the mix (be careful, not all essential oil is suggested for little ones)
  • A few drops of food colouring can also be added.


I let the boys play with this outside (less mess for me to clean) and the youngest had a ball. The oldest was not too impressed but he came around to the idea.

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