Practical Ideas to Keep little Ones Busy

Practical Ideas to Keep little Ones Busy

We know it is tough time trying to entertain our children in these long extended holidays. Play is the most beneficial gift you can give to children.

I have a cupboard which I throw cleaned plastic containers in (yoghurt/feta/etc.). My boys favourite past time, when they were babys, was to unpack the cupboard and throw containers back in . The large cutlery draw was a favourite too (I took away all dangerous goodies, in fact they would take them out the draw and hand them too me).

‘Fine motor skills are involved in smaller movements that occur in the wrists, hands, fingers, feet and toes’

 motor skills need to be developed in childhood, as adults we don’t think about them. The fine motor skills are built on gross motor skills. And of course development of little fingers are good for writing. 


Still have little ones at home? Having a hard time trying to entertain them? 

I came up with some activities to try at home with stuff laying around.

Here are 6 ideas of home based activities you can try for fine motor muscle development:

  • Take a Hot chocolate bottle (or any plastic bottle) and have them put elastic bands around them
  • Cut pictures out of old magazines to practice cutting which helps fine muscles in fingers
  • Thread macaroni/beads onto a piece of string or left over Christmas ribbon
  • Follow simple patterns with Duplo pieces/counters or even knives, forks and spoons works
  • Let them play with pegs while hanging the washing out
  • All the stickers you have are perfect to use to peel off the backing paper and stick down takes work and concentration and helps develop hand control

Have a look at some supplies we have in stock for you:


Let us know how it goes by commenting below.

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