Reseller Opportunities

Reseller Opportunities in South Africa

Are you interested in reselling products through affiliate marketing? We have a great reseller opportunities in South Africa for you. Our partner has over 600 product to choose from. Choose what you love and want to sell. 

Our Partner is very efficient and products are shipped out quickly and will be delivered in a few days. No waiting for weeks on end to get your products.Follow the link to sign up as an affiliate marketing. Press here to sign up.

What does a reseller do?

Our partner stocks goods for you to resell to the public through affiliate marketing. There are a number of ways you can do this. You can choose to open a Social Media Page to showcase your selection of items. Or you can buy a selection of goods to sell to friends, family and acquaintances in your area. Or sell at local markets. Or start a website. There is a minimum retail price (RRP) so you can choose the selling price. Our program offers drop shipping for ease and convinces for the product to reach the customer quicker.

As a reseller/affiliate marketer you will need to put in the time with advertising your products and keeping up to date with new products and what has sold out. If you put in the time, you can start a busy business.

If you would like to start a website we recommend Red Poppy Design which offers affordable website solutions. 

Leave a message below for further information.

071 573 0120

La Lucia, Durban