Sensory Poppers for Children

The latest toys of 2021 are sensory poppers for children. But what are they?

These poppers are made from nontoxic flexible silicone which is environmentally friendly and reusable, unlike the popping bubble wrap. I find them quite therapeutic and quite addictive.

Sensory poppers for children heart shaped

Sensory Poppers for Children can reduce stress and anxiety and increase motor skills.

Sensory Poppers are brilliant as sensory toys like the fidget spinner in 2019 and are for children with sensory difficulties and/or anxiety. The sensory toy can help concentration and attention in a school room situation. It also helps with coordination and dexterity and relieves stress and improves learning through the “power of mindfulness. Focusing the mind on simple sensory inputs helps to keep kids across a wide range of age groups to keep relaxed, focused and calm”

“Sensory toys are particularly soothing for children with additional learning needs such as autism, ADD, or ADHD. Low-cost but high in value, bubble popper and other sensory toys can be a life saver for children, parents and teachers alike. Anxious or excitable energy can more easily find an outlet when kids can keep their hands busy, reducing emotional or energetic overwhelm’’. (

My 5 year old found a new way to use these poppers. As I have 2 children I have to buy 2 of everything or face a war in the house.

Use the Poppers to make this easy chocolate:

  • 2 bars of plain chocolate (I prefer Cadbury as I had to take a bit to see if the chocolate was still ok)
  • Smarties/M&M/jelly tots
  1. Clean the poppers.
  2. Melt the broken chocolate bars on low heat. Best is to place chocolate in glass bowl over pot of simmering water where the glass bowl DOES NOT touch the water.
  3. In the meantime place one Smarties/M&M/jelly tots in the bottom of the popper.
  4. When the chocolate starts to melt take it off the heat and stir to melt the remainder of the chocolate.
  5. Pour the chocolate over the holes/smarties in the popper.
  6. Let Set…. And you have an awesome treat. I kept it in the fridge.
Update: Our supplier doesn’t sell popper anymore. We sell a selection of other sensory toys here. Not that you can use them to make these chocolate snacks with them, but they are great for fidget toys.