Toy Storage Bags

Toy Storage Bags

I have two boys, and the youngest one has a birthday a week after Christmas. So many new toys and three new Duplo sets to store somewhere amongst the other stuff they have accumulated over a short period of time.

Why Duplo is so important to a child's development

Duplo is great toy for children, the blocks help with motor skills, number skills and helps build creativity. The blocks help develop hand-eye co-ordination, enhances concentration and attention (as it is difficult for little ones to put two blocks together), it helps with building fine motor skills and it helps build critical skills. The Duplo starts from 1.5 years old and as the child grows so does the skills that the blocks teach the child. These are a firm favourite in my house.

The boys love their Duplo and the building... but the pieces are everywhere

And I mean everywhere. I find them in their bedrooms, the kitchen even outside.

A while ago I started making these handy toy storage bags. I needed them to be as big as possible but material only comes in a certain width so I make these round storage bags about 1 m across. And they are ever so handy.

A few months ago we went away. And it was easy to take their much loved Duplo with us. Picked up the bag and threw it in the car. And opened it on the other end. Gives them the comfort of home while on holiday and it keeps them busy on the rainy and miserable days you may encounter while away.

Even though the bags store a bucket loads of Duplo I needed another bag as my current one was bursting, so now I have two bags jammed fill of Duplo.

Check my bags out here:

They are available for courier or collection in La Lucia, Durban.


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