Toys, Toys, Toys…

My children have so many toys. But their favourite toys are in a cupboard in the kitchen which I threw empty feta/yoghurt containers in. The cupboard’s sole purpose was for the boys to play in. A firm favourite until they discovered the utensil draw. I removed all the sharp objects and they happily play there.

I have a toy box full of toys

Most people have heard of Melissa and Doug Toys. They offer the most amazing selection of toys for children. The list of toys is never ending. New toys are introduced all the time. Yes, I have about 6 Melissa and Doug Toys in the toy box. And I have had them for years. They have not being broken (I am sure the boys have tried too) and they are well loved and used to build and race and draw with.

Apparently open ended play is the best kind of play. Take Melissa and Doug’s 100 piece block set. The set has different shapes and colours. Yes it can be used for building towers and other things. But also the pieces can be used for sorting, counting, colours recognition, sequencing and more.

Melissa and Doug toys help children learn through play.

On their website, they point out that they like to create toys which ‘inspire creative thinking and encourage kids to see new possibilities’. The toys themselves are created to assist in promoting the development of imagination and problem solving.

Eight Benefits of Educational Toys:

  • Promotes creativity and imagination
  • Improve children’s concentration
  • Helps develop little ones senses
  • Helps with social and emotional development
  • Assists develop problem solving skills
  • Promotes family time with Mom and Dad
  • Less Screen Time
  • Help perfect their motor skills

Daisy Chain Kids has a lovely selection of Melissa and Doug (and other toys) for you to look at. If it is not listed on our site, we can arrange a special order for you (can take 2-3 Weeks).

Firm favourites, in my house are the Dinosaur Stamp Set, Water Wow and The 100 Piece Block Set.

Melissa and Doug Water Wow Fairy Tales

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