What is a Drive Through Baby Shower?

What is a Drive Through Baby Shower?


Exactly what is this new concept? Drive through Baby Showers have sprung up during the pandemic. I imagine line of cars outside a house. A present being tossed out the window and drive on…

Well it is nearly like that.

As I discovered it is nearly like that! A window of 30min to 1 hour is given for friends to drive past your house. Mom To Be is dressed up with a mocktail in hand waving and chatting to friends who are in a car. While keeping a safe distance.

And there are rules…

You need an organiser.

Your invites are all virtual via Whatsapp or e-mail with specific instructions on what is too happen and what the guest are allowed to do. Apparently the organiser of the Drive by Shower organises a short time field to the party to add an energetic feeling.

The organiser can decorate the garden or front of the house like in a baby shower. Ribbons, balloons streamers are used among other deco. You can ask guests to dress up to a certain theme or decorate their car in accordance to that theme (safely of course). The Chair for Mom To Be has to be comfy with side table for her mocktails.

The drive by shower can have a play list of songs and of course you need a photographer to document the day, even if it is Dad To Be, and his phone.

So on the day at the predetermined time cars pull up outside your house. People get out of their car, present in hand and place the gift in a designated area, back in car and off they go. You can also arrange a little thank you gift for your friends and family. No watching Mom To Be open presents, reminiscing about your own new born and no baby shower games.

What happens if you live in a block of flats? A gift registry could be set up and delivered to the Mom and Dad to be. Or you can support small local businesses (like Daisy Chain Kids) that can courier the Mom To Be your gift (And of course we have a referral link to 4 A Kid who stock a wide variety of baby goods https://4akid.co.za/shop?ref=ivxdqqplhqn).  

I do wonder if the drive by baby shower is here to stay?

What do you think about the latest craze?

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