What to pack in your Hospital Bag for Baby.

I am always organised. I did have a hospital bag for baby packed at 8 months (even though I was a C Section). This proved handy when one little boy wanted to break out earlier than expected and I didn’t have a bag packed for me.

It is difficult to know what you need to pack for a baby, especially when you may need something which you don’t have with you. You know what you want, but your partner (bless his/her heart) will try to buy you something else. Leading to more stress and drama.

Baby Car Seats

One thing I recommend sorting out in second trimester is your baby car chair (I didn’t second time around). I left my husband to clean the chair while I was in hospital (thank goodness he is a perfectionist). Know how to put the chair in the car and how it works in general.

See below a list of have to haves in your Hospital Bag for Baby:

  • Baby Grows/Rompers: Light weight baby grows for summer or vests and thicker baby grows for winter (you need socks if your baby grows do not have feet).
  • Blankets: the hospital nurses kept swaddling my baby so have a blanket or two extra handy. I swear by muslin cloths, they are so useful.
  • Nappies size one. As a newborn I always used the cheaper brand as I needed to change the nappy like 8-10 times a day.
  • Wet Wipes: Just one pack. Also useful for Mom. My hospital used cotton wool.
  • Surgical Spirits: My hospital provided this, but you need it at home anyway to continue to clean the umbilical cord.
  • Bum cream: Just a small jar. I only used the cream when they had a rash not every single change.
  • Cotton wool for the umbilical cord for the surgical spirits (my hospital also had this but you need it at home)
  • Bath Soap: when the nursery bath the baby I am not entirely sure if they actually used soap or just water as they bathed the baby

Have I left anything out of the hospital bag for baby?

Daisy Chain Kids does sell the Baby Backpack Bags which are useful right up to toddler age with all the bottle/juice bottles/snacks/nappies you need for first few years of life. Check them out here

Red Hospital bag for baby

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